Angel and John are AMAZING! My husband and I divorced as a result of adultery. After coming back together, we were referred to Angel and John, and I will be forever grateful that we were. They took us deeper than our other counselor had in our entire 9 years of marriage, and helped us uncover things we never realized, in a matter of minutes during our first appointment. God has truly blessed this couple with an amazing gift. Their wisdom is exceptional, their transparency is admirable, and their love for Jesus and others is inspirational. We are forever changed as a result of this beautiful counseling couple. We had the honor and privilege of having John remarry us! The ceremony he performed for us was as loving and intentional as they are as counselors!
-HJ & TJ

Whole Hope Counseling has done just that for me; given me hope with truth and biblical guidance and has helped redirect me to become whole in the Lord. Angel's gift of asking deep and thought provoking questions really gets to the heart of the matter often times leaving you with your own gift of that A-HA moment, thank you Jesus!   Whether you meet individually or as a couple, your time will be blessed. Your spirit will find renewal through tears and laughter. Because of Whole Hope Counseling, a tough season of my life has been more manageable. Thank you for kindness, gentleness, humor, tissue and prayer.


I had always been skeptical about counseling and the impact it could have on my life, but after meeting with Angel for the first time I knew that it was the right decision. It was like a weight had been lifted and I could finally take a deep breath. Angel was kind, honest, compassionate, and offered biblically based wisdom and support. I am so grateful for Whole Hope Counseling and would whole-hearterly recommend them to anyone who is struggling or just needs some support.



I am constantly thankful for Angel's remarkable gift of listening generously and being able to ask deep, probing questions that get to the heart of the issue. She is able to convey love and gentleness, and it is clear that her deepest desire for her clients and friends is for healing, spiritual growth, and above all, an abundant relationship with Jesus Christ our Healer.


Raising my granddaughter alone has been both a blessing and very challenging. Angel has and continues to help us with communication issues, and has helped me dust off my parenting skills. She is always supportive, communicates well, and I always feel her help is based in love. Her Christian based counseling has helped both my granddaughter and I through some tough spots in our relationship and life in general. Angel has become an invaluable resource for my family, and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly. 


When my husband and I separated, I contacted my pastor for counseling and guidance. He directed me to Angel and I knew from the first appointment she was going to be one of God’s blessings during my trial. It is hard to describe but she has a presence about her that is definitely from the Holy Spirit. She put me at ease right away and helped me navigate not only my feelings, but walked me through decisions I needed to make. I also arranged to have my teenaged daughter establish relationship so that Angel could help her navigate any challenges as they arose. She helped us both tremendously and I will be forever grateful for her strong faith, biblical truths and constant reminders of God’s faithfulness. She was there for the most important part of the journey when my husband asked to meet about reconciliation. She was very supportive and continually pointed us back to God and his truth. I would not hesitate to recommend Angel to anyone, no matter how little or great the need might be.


Angel’s astoundingly consistent joy, stalwart belief in the promises and goodness of God, and holistic outlook on what makes for a thriving life comforted and inspired me to put God first, step out of my comfort zone, and develop beneficial habits of daily life that have been important in shaping who I am today. In hard times and good, she pointed me back to what was most important, showed authentic care and concern for what I was going through, and enabled me to identify and pursue what God put in my heart. I am very grateful to Angel for her mentorship, and wholeheartedly recommend her as a counselor who will empower others to live out their God-given purposes and thrive in their daily lives! 


Life happens to us all. When it does, we must have (or find) healthy relationships of support, love, and skill. For some, these come from family. For others, deep friendships are essential. Still others rightly appeal to the wisdom of professionals. Find Angel Beeson and you will have found someone that holds these various threads together. Having known and worked with her for years, I would recommend any and all to her unique blend of thoughtful authenticity, practical wisdom, and intentional care.


Whenever I met with Angel, her love and care for me was so clear. I knew right from the beginning that she would become one of the most positively influential people in my life. Even in my worst times, she was patient with me, and, because of her great personality, I would always leave my meetings with her feeling a little less heaviness than before -- and I'm confident that anyone who is lucky enough to know her can say the same!


Angel has a compassionate heart. She not only listens to what you tell her, but how you tell her. She is skillful at digging deep and asking the important and sometimes difficult, “heart-matter” questions. Her support and encouragement is genuine and she helped relieve my stress because she pointed me back toward Biblical truths that allowed my clouded mind to be clear again.


Angel offers genuine empathy, insight, and a careful listening ear to her clients. I found her to be a therapist who puts others at ease; she relates well to all kinds of people. I believe this flexibility makes her a valuable therapist, one who can offer hope  and encouragement to a broad spectrum of people. 


Angel longs to see people shaped into healthy, integrated Christians: she feels the struggle of the teen who cuts herself to feel in control, and the housewife whose crushing loneliness makes her reach out to sin's allure to make her feel worthwhile. Angel's counseling is marked by deep empathy, tears of healing, and then of laughter. If you need help, don't hesitate to call. 


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