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The Bible teaches that our words, thoughts, and actions all flow out of our hearts. Through biblical counseling, we address the heart through the wisdom in God's Word. The biblical counselor sees the individual as one made in the image of God who is not just a spiritual being but has a physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational side. It is the counselor's job to see the whole person and work through whatever struggles are at hand. Biblical counseling, therefore, is practical.
The goal of biblical counseling is growth in relation to life emotionally, spiritually and physically.  The biblical counselor believes that genuine heart change is a result of the Holy Spirit's work in one's heart and thus biblical counseling is effective because the Spirit is alive and active.
As biblical counselors, we believe in the importance of the local church and God's call in our lives to be active to both serve and be served, love and be loved. The process of biblical counseling is, by God's grace, redemptive.

Biblical counseling, therefore, is grounded on God's Word, empowered by the Spirit, and reliant upon prayer.